Ideas, research, action from a Knowledge Portal and online discussion

Researchers and activists are developing ideas together on practical ways that community groups can achieve their aims in today’s hard times.
Today the Third Sector Research Centre launched their Knowledge Portal, backed by £200,000 from the Big Lottery Fund. The website will feature materials including academic research, reports by voluntary organisations, government publications and training materials. Links will be provided to relevant materials at the British Library. More details here.
Next week TSRC runs an live online discussion, following the previous one hosted by Guardian Voluntary Sector Network – summary of that here.
This time the discussion, from 7pm 9pm on October 19, will be on the TSRC’s Beyond the Radar ideas site. A panel from the National Community Activists Network will get things started.
You’ll find a report there by Razia Sharriff of the workshop run by TSRC in July. In one session Drew Mackie and I ran a card-based exercise in which people worked in groups to develop ideas for action. It was based in part on ideas first developed and mapped on the Our Society site.
The ideas generation hasn’t stopped, and you can vote on existing ideas and add your own here.
Dave Briggs of Kind of Digital generously provided the CiviCrowd platform used by Beyond the Radar, which for this purpose has advantages over the off-the-shelf UserVoice system that we used for the Our Society ideas generation. CiviCrowd is a WordPress-based system, with all the blogging features that offers.
I think there’s a lot of scope for combining the techniques that TSRC (and social reporters) are developing, that mix research, workshop events, online ideas generation and discussion.
I hope there will be scope for taking that forward in our work here with the People Powered Change team.

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