Reporting from the People Powered Change workshop

We are facilitating a workshop on People Powered Change for Big Lottery Fund to develop ideas on how BIG can be more than a funder. Background here We started with a presentation from BIG’s director of communications and marketing, Linda Quinn. (Update below with reports from discussion groups)

The videos below are in a playlist – starting with an interview with Linda. You can see the videos individually on YouTube here. I’ll add more later

Update: As you’ll see from the videos above, we undertook some mapping of who’s who in field, based on the working connections that people had. Drew Mackie circulated a questionnaire, and he’ll analyse the data and produce a map.
After that we offered a set of flags, each of which had one of the ideas¬†listed in the earlier post here. Drew auctioned off the flags and also invited people to develop their own. ¬†Those people with a flag then invited others to form groups, and developed three minute reports, which you can see below. This is a playlist, so videos will play one after the other … or you can see them individally on Youtube here.

Peter Wanless, chief executive of the Big Lottery Fund, joined us in time to listen the report back presentations. As you can hear in this interview, Peter was keen that the the dialogue started in the room continued in some form from now until proposal are put to a BIG committee. We’ll report back later on how that might be achieved.

Further updates:


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