Food for thought?…More like A Feast!

Linda Quinn, director of communications and marketing at Big Lottery Fund, reflects on the development of ideas for People Powered Change, and next steps.
Over the past 12 weeks or so we’ve been working with Social Reporters to share insights, explore ideas and occasionally think some of the unthinkable for developing People Powered Change.  A number of these ideas we’ve collected on the way, some borrowed and some new, are outlined here.
Yesterday was a chance to start discussing and exploring some of these with people already involved, engaged or thinking about these areas already. The workshop was facilitated by David Wilcox and Drew Mackie and provided much challenge, inspiration and food for thought…some of that thinking is still happening via #PPChange and we hope that will continue. A report from the workshop can be found here.
The buzz and enthusiasm for some of these ideas and many more have left us thinking that we are definitely pushing in the right direction on this. The importance of this engagement was also highlighted by the number of other ideas that tumbled out of our discussions.
So where do we go from here?
We need to now digest and go through the ideas discussed and debated yesterday and over the proceeding weeks. But we also want to keep the door open to those outside the room to contribute. We’ll post some thinking around development in the New Year on the Big Blog and continue to tweet those using the tag #ppchange. We want to maintain this sense of open dialogue.
We’ll then spend some time working our thoughts into an overall strategy that will inform a paper to our Committee in March. My sense is that much of what we discussed is about how we engage, how we share and how we collaborate. Some of this I think we can test out in pilots, some of it requires us to think how we might change our internal processes but all of it requires that we carry on the conversation with those who have helped us so far and hopefully will remain constructive critical friends and supporters in the future.
So this feels like the start of what will hopefully be an enlightening journey.

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