Over the past four years the socialreporters team have developed an approach that blends crowdsourcing ideas online, workshops, storytelling and network analysis to address the challenges and opportunities of using digital technology for social benefit. Some of these explorations have been for clients, some on our own account.
Explorations have started with questions like … “how can we use digital technology in order to … enable people-powered change … support young people … have a better later life … build local communities”.
Over several months we have typically reviewed existing research, curated resources, crowdsourced ideas online and in workshops, and often used storytelling around fictitious characters or communities to ensure ideas relate to a range of personal interests and capacities.
The result for a client is not only a report based on wide-ranging research, tested with practitioners and policy-makers, but also a network of engaged interests offering pathways to action. Here’s how we concluded the exploration for the Nominet Trust into technology in later life.
Big Lottery Fund: we helped BIG explore the development of their People Powered Change initiative. September 2011 – January 2012. David Wilcox, John Popham, Drew Mackie.

Nominet Trust: how digital technologies can support young people to engage socially and economically with their communities. David Wilcox, Tim Davies and Alex Farrow – completed in June 2012

Community enablers: what are the skills, roles and approaches of community enablers, and how can they use the new digital tech tools for network building and neighbourhood change. Paused – but due to resume early 2014.

Nominet Trust: how people can use digital technologies to prepare for and enjoy later life. October 2012 – March 2013
Ageing Better with digital technology: this exploration, with the Digital Inclusion Group of the Age Action Alliance, developed into one into Living Well in the Digital Age. September 2013 – ongoing

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