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Media Trust invites people to join Newsnet for citizen-led media

While at the Manchester conference on Asset Based Community Development – reported here – I was fortunate to meet up with Adam Perry, who is currently developing Newsnet for the Media Trust. This is the biggest development within Big Lottery Fund’s People Powered Change (PPC).
The Trust has been awarded a grant of £1.89 million “to develop a network to support citizen journalism and aggregate, package and distribute community news stories across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland”.
I was able to ask Adam – who is development manager for Community Voices – for an update, so providing the second story here about the work of PPC partners. Mandeep Hothi reported for the Young Foundation here.
Since Adam is mainly working in video, it seemed appropriate that I did a little interview, and then asked Adam for a couple of paragraphs of further explanation.

Newsnet’s aim is to inspire and support people who are interested in starting some form of citizen-led media to connect their community. We’ll also be creating an opportunity for people to connect to a wider network of community-led media practitioners and projects in order that they have the chance to share and learn from others. My first step has been to travel the country interviewing those already running local media projects and two weeks ago we launched a blog and started posting the interviews which cover themes such as business models, getting started, tools and resources, promoting sites and engaging communities.   
Now I’d really like to hear from people who are either interested in starting a project, or from those who are already running a project and would like to be interviewed; and as I’m going to be conducting many more interviews over the next few weeks and months I will start posting a list of interviewees so that people can post questions/themes they would like covered. Alternatively people can post ideas for the interviews themselves, because I want to include photojournalists, those working with audio and video, lawyers, Newspaper editors, journalists, academics etc.

You can find an earlier interview here with the Trust’s director of marketing and communication services Gavin Sheppard, and you can email Adam at adamp@mediatrust.org
As well as the content Newsnet will be carrying, I’m excited by the potential of a network for people working in this field – whether they choose to call themselves community reporters, citizen journalists, social reporters, hyperlocal bloggers … or just someone who uses digital media to do good stuff for their community.