Paul Twivy and David Robinson at the YSM Summit

Today’s Your Square Mile summit – reported here – heard a wide range of presentations from national organisations as well as those involved in local projects. Knowing that these were all being video’d, and will be available later, I took a different tack and invited YSM chief executive Paul Twivy to pop outside and have a chat on camera with long-time friend and adviser David Robinson OBE.
David co-founded the East London-based Community Links back in 1977, and has enormous experience both locally in Newham, and on national bodies. He gave the closing presentation at the summit, with a strong endorsement of YSM.
In the conversation you’ll hear Paul and David talk about the need to make connections between communities, and encourage people to share and adopt ideas across communities for creative local action, and much else.
There’s a good joke from David about a young child being told that the Equator was an imaginary line on the map, and hearing “lion”. We are too fearful of imaginary lions patrolling the borders between our communities.
Both Paul and David agree on then importance of the involvement of business – and that it is often and small and medium size enterprises who have most to contribute because they are closer to the community.
The recent riots may have offered a warning to bigger brands that while they have local presence, and large numbers of customers, they would be wise to develop stronger affinities with their local communities.
I hope to feature more from the Summit next week, including a presentation from YSM MD on the new digital platform, mentioned here.
Update: the new Your Square Mile site is live, and I’ve posted an update and interview with Jamie Cowen, YSM MD on my personal site.

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