Summary of our People Powered Change exploration so far

Over the past couple of months John Popham and I have developed this blog as part of our work with the Big Lottery Fund, exploring the future of their People Powered Change initiative. The initial brief is here. Thanks to those we have interviewed, and to our guest bloggers, James Derounian, and Noel Hatch.
Shaun Walsh, from the Big Lottery Fund, has now posted some further thoughts to guide discussions, and invited people to pitch in with more ideas.
Here are links to all our earlier posts, to provide some background and ideas that have emerged so far. Latest at the bottom of the list.
New media and networking for People Powered Change – introductory post
Your Square Mile National Summit – reporting the Birmingham event
Paul Twivy and David Robinson at the YSM Summit – interview
Your Square Mile plans – and a live chat – interview with Paul Twivy, CEO of YSM
Voting leads to engagement – when it is about money – interview with Richard Edwards on participatory budgeting
Ideas, research, action from a Knowledge Portal and online discussion – about the new portal funded by BIG
People Powered Change in Dudley – Joining up the strands – collaborations towards developing Our Society
You can’t get practical experience from a book. Or online. – interview with Richard Edwards
Reporting events and games – including saving Slapham community spaces – report of Community Matters workshop
Can new local councils offer Power to the People? – report about the potential of local councils for London
Closing the triangle to explore the idea of #netfunders – making networked connections, personally and as a funder
Transition gives us the best of ingredients for networking – new Transition Network resources link a guide, cards and online content
Can people power bring the internet to remote communities? – the Can’t Get Online week, and how the lack of Internet bring people together
Secret ingredient for community engagement: a slice of pie – food is great way to start conversations, and news of Community Lovers Guides.
Innovating through BIG’s People Powered Change – interview with Linda Quinn, BIG director of communications and marketing, with a vision for People Powered Change
Social reporting through the social silicon valleys – guest post from Noel Hatch on collaborative events form residents and council staff
Making sense of localism for academics and activists – guest post from James Derounian. How can we bridges thinking?
The future of online sharing is mobile, appified and people-centred – report from seminar
Social networks could help embed reciprocity says NESTA CEO Geoff Mulgan – online can help neighbourliness
How Charitable Trusts and Foundations can use Social Media – event report and interviews with Toby Blume, CEO Urban Forum, Peter Wanless, CEO BIG
Moving from join us, join in, to join up yourselves – different network models and a move to peer-to-peer sharing
Trust people to tell their own stories of how they use BIG grants – guest post from William Perrin on hyperlocal blogs and online communities
BIGGING up People Powered Change? – Shaun Walsh of BIG invites ideas about People Powered Change
Updates after this post:
Building Local Activism for People Powered Change – the work of the Young Foundation
Manchester leads with the ABCD of community building – report of event with Forever Manchester, Cormac Russell and Jim Diers
Media Trust invites people to join Newsnet for citizen-led media – interview with Adam Perry
SHINE 2011; Social Enterprise, Story-telling and Change – report from John Popham
Now there’s an iPhone app for community engagement – developed in Milton Keynes
The many models for People Powered Change – we need to understand the different models before design ing ways of sharing
Kent Connects shows the way to smart solutions and a social app store – report from Discovering Solutions Camp
Sharing outside means first sharing inside – Tom Phillips suggests Yammer as a good way to start conversations within organisations
How sociable events can help build networks and connects ideas – Tom Phillips reflects on different network models and the role of events
Ideas from our exploration of People Powered Change – some of the ideas we may discuss at a workshop on December 1
The challenge of building a sustainable knowledge hub – an honest assessment from KnowHow Nonprofit
UnLtd: It’s all about people-powered solutions – news of the Big Venture Challenge
Community Sector Tales from Urban Forum – Toby Blume gives an update of their storytelling project
The community engagement iPhone app in detail – how the Milton Keynes app described here works
The 3-legged stool: Student energy to fuel People Powered Change – James Derounian reports from a conference on the potential
Developing People Powered Change ideas: the workshop – briefing on the workshop on December 1
Reporting from the People Powered Change workshop – presentation and videos from the December 1 event
Food for thought?…More like A Feast! – Linda Quinn, director of communications and marketing at Big Lottery Fund reflects on next steps after the December 1 workshop.
First beacon hub plus innovation centre for Newsnet – Media Trust provides an update on their £1.89 million plans for community news network.
No more unsung heroes – people can tell their own stories with social media
Why community groups are more energy waves than organisational matter – physics and complexity theory may give us insights into the way groups operate
SocialReporters and People-Powered Change: Time for Reflection – John Popham offers some highlights
People love Thornton Heath (and others places too). Here’s how and why – reporting from a celebration day for community connectors
Micro-mapping shows the richness of local life – research by Third Sector Research Centre reveals many small societies
Introducing Biglopoly: planning how to spend £1 million for real. Big Lottery Fund staff developed a game to help groups plan how to invest funds
Generating Collective Excitement and Momentum. John Popham applauds the leadership of BIG chief executive Peter Wanless in using social media and other methods to broker new relationships.
Helping BIG staff become social reporters David Wilcox worked with BIG staff to report an event in Wickford with the local MP and BIG CEO Peter Wanless
How BIG aims to be a more engaged, open and social organisation. Big Lottery Fund plans for the future

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