Developing People Powered Change ideas: the workshop

Today the team exploring developments for the Big Lottery Fund’s People Powered Change (PPC) are running a workshop in London with some of the people we’ve interviewed on this blog, and who have provided ideas along the way. The background, and a summary of the key ideas from posts, is here.
At the workshop we’ll be hearing first from Linda Quinn, the director of communications and marketing at Big Lottery Fund, with an update on the vision for PPC outlined here.
After a question and answer session, we’ll break into groups to develop some of the ideas we’ve found in our exploration – and invite people to throw in some new ones.
It should be fun: we’ve put the ideas on flags – so people pick up one they want to champion (or write a new one), see if they can gather some supporters, find a table, and then develop a presentation on:

  • What can BIG do itself to become more than a funder in supporting People Powered Change?
  • What might we do together?
  • What might you be able to do, with non-funding support from BIG and partners?
Drew Mackie and I are pretty confident the flags will work well to help people find others interested in their idea: we’ve used it before. Drew and I will be helping groups connect with others across the room, and encouraging some clustering of ideas, and John Popham and others will undoubtedly be tweeting with the hashtag #ppchange – as you can see here.
We’ll both do some video too. When that gets up on this blog will depend on the wifi. Here’s the starter ideas that are going on flags:

Investigate models
A range of emerging models for People Powered Change could inform future funding programmes (e.g. ABCD, Community Organising, Transition). How should BIG explore this?
Social App Store
Smartphone apps and “how tos” supporting community action, assembled in a Social App Store, could be more effective than toolkits. Is this feasible?
Support hyperlocal
Could hyperlocal websites play a big part in helping groups funded by BIG tell their stories? What would be needed?
Share project stories
What range of methods and supported might be needed to help funded projects share their own stories?
BIG social reporters
BIG staff could become social reporters, making storytelling and network building part of their work. What would be needed to achieve his?
Promote peer-to-peer learning
BIG wants to encourage peer-to-peer learning between funded groups. How best to achieve this?
Network building
Should BIG help build and connect existing networks or create new ones for funded projects?
Internal BIG comms
Which systems would best promote social networking within BIG and integrate with external network development?
Socialise evaluation
How could BIG make governance social – moving from paper-based to web-based evaluation, with projects reporting their activities?
Social innovation
Encourage development of social innovations – supporting, piloting and funding through a hub or existing spaces and networks
Map funding
Map and share who’s funding what and where, to encourage collaborations: nationally and by supporting locally

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