Social Reporters & People-Powered Change: Time for Reflection

The work that Social Reporters has been doing with the Big Lottery Fund around People-Powered Change has been pretty intense. We started, a few months ago, with an agenda that was about openness, story-telling and sharing in reporting and decision-making processes; but, as we progressed, it became clear that what we were also doing was helping to shape priorities and policies for a lot of what the Big Lottery Fund is going to be funding and supporting in the foreseeable future. A fundamental reason for this is that People-Powered Change is built on the principles of Asset-Based Community Development, and there is increasing recognition that this approach requires the celebration of community assets, skills and achievements, and that this, as I wrote yesterday, is, for the moment at least, much more likely to be achieved using social media than it is via more traditional methods.
The intensity of the process we’ve gone through has meant that we’ve generated an awful lot of content in a short space of time. I am especially grateful to indefatigable colleague, David Wilcox, who has produced a huge amount of material on this blog. I’d like to think that just about all of what we’ve generated is useful and important, but, it is also likely that lots of people will have missed some of what we have been blogging about, because the content has been coming so think and fast. This is why I produced a book of our Social Reporters posts so far, so that anyone can sit down and read through the posts at their leisure. The book can be accessed at the link below.
Social Reporters Book
I hope you find this a useful way of packaging some of the content. Obviously, it misses quite a lot, because much of the material is in the form of videos, which can’t be reproduced in the book. So, to complement this post, I’d just like to pick a few of my personal highlights from the videos we have collected as part of this work.
The first is Dennis Hodson, Director of Dudley’s Local Strategic Partnership talking about joining up people-powered work in the Borough under the banner of “Our Society”

And here is Jim Diers talking to David about the principles of Asset-Based Community Development

And, finally, I loved the presentation by Nick Jankell at SHINE 2011 on “Story-Telling for Change-Makers”. We believe that story-telling is the key to success of what the Big Lottery Fund and its People-Powered Change partners¬†are working to achieve. And Nick sets out a powerful framework for telling compelling stories.


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